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Random dumps of dubious wisdom

Table of Contents

  • Source Code Control Systems and Microsoft Access
  • Access/VBA - How to output data from a column as comma separated string
  • Access/VBA - How to create HTML-emails with Microsoft Access and Outlook automation
  • Access/VBA - How to output data from an ADO-Recordset-Column as comma separated string using local sorting and filtering
  • 3 tools I would not want to work without in Microsoft Access
  • VBA - Handling events from an indefinite number of event sources
  • Access/VBA - Event handling Tutorial (Part 1) - First steps for beginners
  • Sending emails with VBA and the CDO Library
  • Compiling an Access AccDE with VB-Script
  • Access SQL - Select Top X records - With no ties
  • Access - How to use transactions in VBA
  • Access - Create email with a mailto-Hyperlink
  • VBA - Create ZIP-Archives with VBA and the Shell32 library
  • 7 reasons to use source code control for Microsoft Access development
  • Performance differences counting records in an Access Database
  • How to choose a source code control system for Access development
  • The Hyperlink data type in Microsoft Access
  • Access - Calculated Fields in a Query
  • Send serial email with Microsoft Access, VBA and Outlook
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects in VBA
  • Access - Let external users review and edit data
  • Sort and index binary data in an Access database
  • Logical numerals sorting in Access with VBA
  • Why DropBox, OneDrive and Offline-Folders will destroy your database.
  • Send Outlook Emails with Flag and Reminder in VBA
  • Aliases in SQL – Essential little helpers
  • How to create a calculated field in a Microsoft Access table
  • Case Study: SQL Stored Procedure vs. .net Class Library for Complex Data Aggregation
  • Change Access 2010 PivotChart-Form Recordsource with VBA
  • SQL-Server-Express-Database-Backup - Fundamentals
  • The 'Better VBA' video series
  • Automate SQL Express Database Backups
  • How to convert Windows API declarations in VBA for 64-bit
  • Restore SQL Server Express Database from backup
  • Book Recommendations for Software Developers
  • Check if an Access Form is open in Dialog Mode
  • Signing Access VBA Code in .accdb databases
  • An excursion into raw COM API Programming with VBA
  • Export a filtered Access Report to PDF using VBA
  • 4 key factors for implementing a queue based database application
  • How to convert string pointers to VBA Strings
  • The Date/Time Data Type in VBA and Access
  • Validation Rules and Check Constraints in Access
  • VBA Navigation History Add-In
  • News on Access 2019 and Office 2019
  • Why software developers should embrace the GDPR and a helpful guide to doing so
  • Windows 10 – Synaptics Touchpad – Solution for Click not working
  • 3 Access and VBA Book Recommendations
  • The Access ADP Story
  • VBA-(SQL)-String Tutorial
  • DFirst/DLast and the Myth of the Sorted Result Set
  • Choosing an Authentication Mechanism for Access + SQL-Server-Applications
  • The ParamArray Keyword in VBA / How to emulate the SQL Coalesce Function
  • A String.Format / printf implementation in VBA
  • Gallery PDF for Office imageMso icons
  • Microsoft Access developer conferences around the world.
  • Software Quality + Unit Tests in Access-VBA
  • Access/VBA - Formatting dates for a specific Locale
  • VBA-Bug introduced with the latest (2019-08) Windows Update
  • VBA Class Module to access the clipboard
  • Field report from Netherlands Access Developers Day 2019
  • "Query is corrupt"-error after Microsoft Access November 2019 Update
  • The Microsoft TreeView Control in 64bit Access
  • Access DevCon - Developer conference - Vienna, April 2017
  • Access DevCon 2017 - On Video
  • How to Create and Install a SSL/TLS Certificate for SQL Server
  • Sort a Form Bound to an ADO.Recordset using Access UI Features

  • 4 key factors for implementing a queue based database application

    While dates in Access and VBA seem to be simple and straightforward at first sight, there are actually quite a few pitfalls connected to handling dates. I provide comprehensive information and to give you some guidance to avoid common problems when working with dates in Access and VBA.

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