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Last Update: 2018 - 02 - 11

News about Access 2019 and Office 2019

The new Office 2019 is approaching. On this page, I’ll try to aggregate the news about the next Office release and particularly about Access 2019.

Announced at Ignite

Office 2019 was first announced in September 2017 at the Ignite conference. Considering the pretty consistent 3-year release cycle of the previous office versions, the still very vague release date for Office 2019 of 2nd half of 2018 was not really much of a revelation.

New features were mentioned for Excel (new formulas and charts), Power Point (Morph and Zoom animation features) and improved ink in general. – Nothing was mentioned about Access 2019.

Additional news, February 1st, 2018

Recently, on February first, there were some additional details revealed on the Technet Blog.

  • A first preview release of Office 2019 will be shipped in the 2nd quarter 2018.
  • Office 2019 applications will be supported on Windows 10.
  • The Office 2019 client applications will be available with a Click-to-Run installation only.
  • The support lifecycle will be shorter than for the previous versions. 5 years of mainstream support (as before) but only 2 years of extended support (5 years previously).

The most interesting details thereof is that Office 2019 will be only supported on Windows 10. Many tech news websites wrote that it will run only on Windows 10. I, however, think, that remains to be seen. In the recent past, Microsoft released a couple of new product versions with similar restrictions that still run rock-solid on non-supported operating systems. - That does not make any difference when your corporate IT rules require vendor support for all used software.

Access 2019

There is no information about any new features in Access 2019 publicly available yet. – Access was actually not mentioned at all in any of the announcements.

I personally do not expect many new features in Access 2019 compared to Access 2016 with the latest updates from the Office 365 update channel applied.

Access 2016 received more new features through the updates released after it’s original RTM than there were in that initial release. I expect this to be similar with Access 2019.

More news will be added

I will update this page with additional information, particularly about Access 2019, as soon as it becomes available. I will definitely install the preview of Access 2019 for a test-drive once I get can get hold of it.

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