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Codekabinett - Access, VBA & Co.

Dear visitor, please accept my apologies for some empty pages on the English version of this site. Not all of the content is available in English yet.

Here you'll find code fragments and explanations from my Usenet-Postings, forum posts and other occasions which I deem being possibly useful to someone else.

I have verified all the code fragments´ functionality, but everybody makes mistakes. So I may not be held responsible for the code and the corresponding explanations being correct. I also reject liability for any consequential damages arising out of the use of the code fragments or any other information on this website.

I love to get corrections and suggestions for improvement anytime. If you have any, just email me.

Thank you for visiting.

(Philipp Stiefel)

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Access DevCon - Developer conference - Vienna, April 2017 - New - 2017-03-31
Personal experience report from the Access DevCon Conference in Vienna in April 2017.

Check if an Access Form is open in Dialog Mode - New - 2017-03-23
An Access form can be opened normal or as dialog. How to find out the current state of the form?

The 'Better VBA' video series - Revised - 2017-03-16
Better VBA is a video series on YouTube explaining techniques and tools to write better VBA code.
I just published Episode 9 - Improve code readability with procedures<

Restore SQL Server Express Database from backup - New - 2017-03-09
The 3rd article about backups of Microsoft SQL Express databases explains how to restore your database.

MS Office Automation - VBA-Modules with constants - Revised - 2017-02-28
VBA-Modules with all Enums/Constants from the Microsoft Office Object Libraries.
Finally added: The Microsoft Excel Object Library

How to create a calculated field in a Microsoft Access table - New - 2017-02-21
An in depth discussing of calculated fields in Access tables and when to use them. This includes an step-by-step sample for creating a calculated field to display the quarter of a date in a table.

Automate SQL Express Database Backups - New - 2017-02-09
How to automate database backups on Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.

SQL-Server-Express-Database-Backup - Fundamentals - New - 2017-01-10
Extensive explanation of the fundamentals of database backup with Microsoft-SQL-Server (Express).

Access - Let external users review and edit data - New - 2016-12-27
A theoretical article discussing some options to allow external users to review and edit data from an Microsoft Access database.

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