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Last Update: 2017 - 09 - 05

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Codekabinett - Access, VBA & Co.

Welcome to the Codekabinett-Website!

On this site you’ll find a growing collection of articles about Access, VBA and SQL programming. There are articles for beginners as well as programming experts available here.

My current focus is on providing guidance on how to write VBA code that does not just get the job done, but is also readable, robust and maintainable. This particular sub-topic is mainly covered by the Better VBA video series.

Of course I try my best to provide working, error free explanations, samples and download. Still, sometimes an error or bug slips the net. I love to get corrections and suggestions for improvement anytime. If you have any, just email me.

Thank you for visiting.

(Philipp Stiefel)

The most recent updates on this website...

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An excursion into raw COM API Programming with VBA - New - 2017-10-09
Using the ITaskbarList COM Interface with VBA and the Win32-API.

How to convert Windows API declarations in VBA for 64-bit - Updated - 2017-09-15
Common myths debunked, key factors explained!

Signing Access VBA Code in .accdb databases - New - 2017-09-05
The surprising revelation of a totally pointless feature.

Book Recommendations for Software Developers - New - 2017-08-13
Evergreen books that will never become obsolete!

Case Study: SQL Stored Procedure vs. .net Class Library for Complex Data Aggregation - New - 2017-07-09
Improved Testability was my main reason to rewrite an complex stored procedure in

Change Access 2010 PivotChart-Form Recordsource with VBA - New - 2017-06-27
How to how to change the RecordSource of an Access 2010 Form in PivotChart-View with VBA.

Send Outlook Emails with Flag and Reminder in VBA - New - 2017-06-10
An explanation of the usability of Outlook Follow-Up-Flags, Reminders and how to create these in VBA-Code for outgoing emails.

Why DropBox, OneDrive and Offline-Folders will destroy your database. - New - 2017-05-09
An extensive explanation why Access databasese in shared folders will suffer from freuqent data loss and corruption.

Access DevCon 2017 - On Video - New - 2017-05-07
Watch some of the world´s best MS Access Experts present advanced Access and VBA topics.

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